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Insurance Settlement Loans


Loans on Insurance SettlementsIf you currently have a lawyer representing you in an insurance claim or injury lawsuit and you desperately need money from your case, Insurance Claims Loan can offer you our no-risk insurance settlement loans from $1,000 to $500,000 in just 24 hours.


Insurance Claims Loan is a trusted claim funding leader providing injured accident victims and insurance claimants with cash advance insurance settlement while they are going the long injury claim settlement process.


Qualifying for a loan against insurance settlement is easy. There is no credit check, no up front fees, no income requirements, and no employment requirements. You pay back the advance with a usage fee only if and when you win or settle your lawsuit or the claim is paid.


Our loans on insurance settlements can help you stay financially afloat and maintain your lifestyle until you get the lawsuit settlement money you deserve. Insurance settlement loans have helped saved thousands of insurance claimants and lawsuit plaintiffs from low-ball insurance settlement offers, car repossession, eviction, and bill collector calls.


Apply online now or call to get an insurance claim loan advance in 24 hours. We offer a wide variety of settlement cash advance loans. We specialize in car accident loans, medical malpractice claim loans, injury claim loan, auto accident loans, slip and fall accident lawsuit loans, surgery lawsuit funding, and insurance claim settlement loans. You pay back the advance with a usage fee only if and when you win or settle your lawsuit or the claim is paid.


Surgery Lawsuit Funding


Surgery Lawsuit FundingIf you need help paying for your surgery or medical treatment, our surgery lawsuit funding program is your legal funding solution.


A serious auto accident or premises accident can result in an accident victim sustaining serious personal injuries. Serious bodily injuries often require some type of interventional treatment such as pain management injections or surgery.


Don't let not having health insurance stop you from getting the medical treatment you deserve. If you need to undergo an surgical procedure but do not have medical insurance, med pay, no-fault auto insurance coverage, or personal injury protection PIP, we have the legal funding program that will advance the money for your surgery. 


Surgery lawsuit funding is a risk-free accident cash advance loan for innocent and injured accident victims. You can use the surgery lawsuit loans to pay the costs of any medically necessary operation. Surgery lawsuit funding has helped thousands of personal injury accident victims pay for neck surgery, back surgery, knee surgery, shoulder surgery, and wrist surgery.


Undergoing a medically necessary surgical procedure that is casually related to your accident can help you recover faster from your injuries. Having surgery can also increase the value of your insurance claim, getting you a larger insurance settlement.  Contact our lawsuit funding department today to get approved for surgery lawsuit funding in 24 hours.



Cash Advance Insurance Settlement


Cash Advance Insurance SettlementAt Insurance Claims Loan, we understand the inequities and challenges of the insurance settlement process, and we have structured our insurance settlement loans to reflect those very challenges.

Pre settlement loans are designed to get you CASH NOW before your insurance lawsuit settlement, so you can meet your financial obligations and avoid a potential financial disaster.


We are a national pre settlement funding provider offering accident loans to injured accident victims all across the U.S. We provide pre settlement loans in almost 50 states including, insurance settlement loans Texas, insurance settlement lawsuit loans New York, insurance settlement loans Florida, insurance settlement loans California, insurance settlement lawsuit loans New Jersey, insurance settlement loans Georgia, insurance settlement lawsuit loans New York, insurance settlement loans Washington, insurance settlement loans Michigan, and many more.


Save yourself time and stress by getting the insurance settlement cash advance you need today. Apply online for faster processing or call us toll-free at 1-888-715-8701. We have friendly and experienced insurance claim cash advance funding specialists ready to assist you now.